Shadow Chasers Paranormal Team members



Hi my name is Sarah White I am the Founder of Shadow Chasers Paranormal. I am a Empath . I have been since early childhood. I have always had an interest in the paranormal. Having experiences with spirits as a child and to present day.I am very intuitive and very aware of my surroundings. I can hear, speak with and see spirits when they are near. Also being an Empath I am very in tune with the living. Being able to read, pick up on an feel things from the living as well as the dead. It makes it very hard for me to be in large places surrounded by people. I have other gifts as well. On occassions I am also able to predict events that are going to happen. One such event, I predicted a bad worldwide catastrophe 3 days before 911 happened. I feel at times my gift is a blessing and a curse. But I love to help people when I can and I really have a deep love for the paranormal world. I love being the lead investigtor for both teams, Shadow Chasers Paranormal and Shadow Chasers Paranormal 2 (Andalusia Chapter).



Hi my Name is Jonathan I have been with Shadow Chasers Paranormal for a year now and I absolutely love what I do. I have been interested in the paranormal since I was about 10 yrs old after seeing an apparition in my childhood home. It fascinated me and I continue the search for answers to the unknown. My jobs on the team are Investigator, Tech Support, Web Designer, and YouTube Admin



Investigator,  Equipment Specialist



Hi my name is Steven Day I'm 44 yrs old from Andalusia Alabama. I've been married for 19 yrs and I have two boys. I have always lived in Andalusia and have been interested in the paranormal since I was about 15 yrs old.